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Service and Interaction Designer ft. Art Direction ATM based in Paris.
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2017, Mar–


SPACE INTIMACY is an interactive installation produced within the Digital Maker Collective, and was part of the Digital Making Art School for Tate Exchange.

This was a purposely WIP and open project – following the vision of the Digital Maker Collective, and thus allowing the audience’s direct feedback during Tate Exchange. The BTS of the installation were also openly displayed – Arduino with heart rate and GSR sensors sending datas to a MAX/MSP patch, and dome mapping projection. It worked as a peer-to-peer installation: the spectator A enters a dome filled of visuals from the datas of the spectator B, as you can see below.

We started this project from one concept: that is of the borders. Despite the fact that Internet has challenged the significance of borders, people aren’t getting automatically open-minded although they are more connected – isn’t it because everyone got their own borders? That’s why SPACE INTIMACY is challenging the notion of these personal borders, as the spectator A can literally witness the intimacy of the spectator B.

There is also a contrast between the fact that Internet is a public space, yet the informations shared by users are mostly personal. By tweaking that contrast and transforming it into an intimate experience using body sensors – each sensor affected the visuals in different ways; this is also an open invitation to use datas differently to craft meaningful experiences.

You can see the full WIP there.

Pipe Amatayakul
Maureen Eibeler
Virginie Tan
Betty Zhang

Adam Corrie (Staff)
Roman Trilo


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